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Helping Needy People and Needy Pets

Photo: Steve Monahan

When corporate executive, entrepreneur and go-getter Steve Monahan learned he had an infection that required surgery to remove the outer layer of his heart, he had an epiphany.

"My problem was my physical heart, but I realized that I needed to change my mental heart if my physical one was ever to heal."

Steve survived the surgery and became a changed man in more ways than one. He looked for a purpose for his life.

"I wanted to work for a charity, and once I began investigating them, I noticed a similarity none of them offered assistance for the pets of those in need. It was at that point I started my own charity, Meals 'Fur' Pets."

Meals "Fur" Pets is a 501c 3 nonprofit corporation based in Woodstock that is dedicated to saving animals' lives by helping those in need feed and care for their pets. But with so many people in the world in need, why focus on the needs of animals over those of people?

"Everyone has to help in some way, and everyone must go where God leads him or her," Steve answers. "God gave us dominion over animals. If we are good stewards and fulfill that responsibility, we must gladly care for, protect and feed the animals in our stewardship." 
And as he reports on his website (, "8 million animals are turned into shelters every year. Of that number, almost 4 million are not adoptedand are killed. By feeding pets of families in need, we help those families keep their pets. That in turn reduces a portion of animals turned into shelters. While there are many charities that feed families and individuals, these charities do not stock or receive donations of pet food. The only choices these families have are to feed their pets what little food they receive, abandon their family pet, or turn it into the shelter. This painful and terrible choice does not have to occur. A bag of pet food a month can keep families and their pets together."

Initially, Steve funded Meals "Fur" Pets (MFP) out of his own pocket, buying pet food and providing it to food pantries and organizations that distribute food to the needy. Now, he takes pet food donations and has pet food donation drop off boxes at several locations in Cherokee and Cobb Counties: Bridge Mill Animal Hospital, Bells Ferry Rd., Canton; Man's Best Friend, Hwy 92, Woodstock; Townelaker magazine, Rose Creek Drive, Woodstock; Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store, Canton; Cherokee Animal Shelter, Univeter Road Canton; Sassy Paws Pet Boutique, 110 W. Main Street, Cartersville; Century 21 Across Atlanta, Towne Lake Parkway, Woodstock; Faith Designs Florist, 3205 Canton Road, Marietta; Crossroads Veterinary Hospital, 9500 Main Street, Woodstock; Razzle Dazzle Pet Boutique, 1000 Whitlock Avenue, Marietta; and Jenny Pruitt Realtors on Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta.

As Steve sees it, he's providing something to the existing charitable organizations that has not been available to put on their shelves before.

Steve welcomes donations, and MFP is approved by Sun Trust Bank for their My Cause program, which will contribute $100 to MFP in your name when you open a checking account.

So where does Steve see his charity going from here?

"I think it could go from a regional idea to a statewide program to nationwide. I'd like to see it as visible as Meals on Wheels."

For more information about Meals "Fur" Pets, visit the website,, or write or P.O. Box 2342, Woodstock, GA 30188.


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